How Technology Implemented Into Elementary School Classrooms Essay examples

1362 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
For thousands of years two main sources of knowledge and influence dominated classroom learning - the teacher and the textbook, but in today’s world of unprecedented technological advancement, the Internet is a powerful tool in the classroom. (Loyola 2014) The research on the impacts of technology implemented into elementary school classrooms is limited, mostly anecdotal, leaving the question of whether the impact is more largely positive or negative unanswered and the subject of much speculation. Digital technology can be used to make learning more practical. Computer technology can empower students and create a more tailored learning experience. (Mackenzie 2015) Students who struggle with reading and writing find text-to-speech programs useful, making independent access to information that was previously out of their reach possible. Rather than having text orally read to them or played off a recording that took teachers’ time to record, they can have text played to them off of an iPad, computer, or similar device. They can also orally dictate to the device if they have trouble printing or typing. For students who previously struggled with such tasks and suffered from the barrier of discouragement as a result, the benefit of technology causes their confidence and motivation to soar, leading to better academic results. (Matthews 2013) The Ontario government encourages the use of technology as an aid for children with specific learning disabilities, such as Autism…

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