Ipod Experiment Essay

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When a student comes to school, he or she goes to class with the mindset and hope that they will be learning something new that day because the point of the education system in the minds of the common human being is to learn something. But in reality, most students only absorb a few concepts and ideas while the rest just seem to disappear. Because of this, many schools attempt new techniques to try to keep their students more engaged on school work and to help them succeed. That was why the iPod experiment was conducted at Duke University. This experiment was conducted to show how technology can change the way of learning in the classroom and how it can create different effects on the students’ willingness to learn as well as their excitement. However, in Cathy Davidson’s article, Project Class Makeover, she never talks about the negative effects technology can have on a person. But this does not mean that there are not consequences because there are. When technology such as computers and cell …show more content…
It can also give students a reason to want to come to school because they get to experience something new. However, with technology and its constant uses, there can be a creation of negative effects on a student’s ability to communicate and willingness to learn. Technology becomes the biggest distraction especially for students if they are exposed to it at a very young age. Nowadays kids can enjoy technology in their own homes due to their parents’ phones and the television and other forms of technology they may possess. And by adding other forms of technology into the classroom, we are creating more distractions for children and changing the way they could be learning. The usage of technology should be limited if it is being implemented in the classroom because even though it may seem fun and useful, the consequences are more severe and life

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