How Technology Has Changed The World Of A Different Century Between The 20th Century And The 21th Century

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I might want to say we are living in a different century between the 20th century and the 21th century. We may feel those differences unwittingly. For example, when I was young, I usually hung out with my friends outside because a technology was not developed very well, so I did not know that the technology would be significant in the future. Also, I pondered if I did not have the cell phone, I could live my life conveniently, but now a phenomenon is completely opposite to my past thought. We call our society like an information society and a boundless society. Why did we start to call the information society and the boundless society? Because of the technology, it is more highly advanced than before. Technology has brought us so many advantages, such as, more information, more connectivity, and at faster speeds. This phenomenon is getting better than before because of the useful cell phone. The cell phone has a role which makes us to fall into the world of technology. Therefore, the cell phone ownership is at an all time high in many developed countries, whereby people are relying on their smart phone for everything they do, like e-mail, social media, telephone calls, the internet, etc. Even though the technology brought a lot of useful life, it brought also a negative effect. As the technology developed, we concentrate on just function without thinking of our health. We already know that if we want to obtain a high quality of life, it follows a big cost which we cannot…

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