Cell Phones Cause Depression Essay

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In conducting my research, I discovered that there is lack of research in proving that cell phones can cause other social disorders besides anxiety. More needs to be known about how cell phones can cause other social disorders, such as depression. The research confirms that cell phones can cause depression, but it doesn’t explain how or why. I believe that they can cause depression in any teenager, including the teenagers that do not own a cell phone. Cell phones can cause depression in the teens who don’t own a cell phone, because they are left out. If a teen is the only one in their friend group without a cell phone, they can get left out of planning and attending those outings. These teens may then become depressed because they are losing their friends since they never hang out with them except at school. Depression can also be developed in the teens who do own a cell phone. For example, if no one replies to their texts or calls, the teen may become depressed because they feel that they are unimportant. Another situation could be if a teen sexts an …show more content…
Since then, we have greatly advanced our technology and now there are cell phone towers everywhere. The majority of the people in the United States now own a cell phone, however different age groups use the cell phone differently. Teenagers use cell phones as their main form of social communication. Although there are a few good aspects that come out of cell phones, most of the effects are negative towards teens. Researchers have conducted a lot of research and came to many conclusions, but now they need to focus on finding solutions. Now it’s time for everyone to make a difference and lessen these effects cell phones have on teens. Education of these effects and solutions is key to eliminating the negative effects all

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