A Writers Greatest Tool The Smartphone Analysis

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Contrary to what one might conclude from reading the article “A Writers Greatest Tool: The Smartphone.” Smartphones are not the greatest tool. Phones are never fully reliable, this essay will explain why a thought written in original writing style is best. In this article David Pierce asserts that smartphones are the all mighty tool of urban writing. A writer’s best asset is technology. Everyday writers are brewing thoughts every minute of every day, you don’t always just carry around a pen and notebook, a phone is most plausible tool seeing people use it in their day to day life. To be a good writer reading another’s work is principle in becoming better yourself. Having technology at your fingers you can look up any article and within seconds …show more content…
Right? In the article Pierce constantly points out how everything you need can be found in the pocket sized computer we call a cell phone, what he didn’t mention is the strain it puts on your eyes. Seventy percent of American adults suffer from some sort of digital eye strain due to the fact they use technology for TOO much (Heiting, Gary, Dr.). Nine out of ten adults spend more than 2 hours a day staring at their phone, six out of ten spend more than five hours, and this is a high cause of digital eye strain (“Problems and Conditions”). When you look at a screen for too long it causes you to blink less than you need to which, in return can cause itchy eyes blurred vision and eventually loose of vision (“Problems and Conditions”). Though there are tools to soothe pain from the eye damage created by staring at a screen constantly there isn’t much you can do about losing your vision. As you use technology more and more the less you actually see going on in the world around you, literally. If a writer’s best tool is what he sees then in what world does it make since to make that a source of vulnerability? So contrary to what one might gather from reading the article “A Writers Greatest Tool: The Smartphone.” Smartphones are not the greatest tool. Although the almighty smartphone is of great use for many people in this world it is not to be misconstrued with being the best writing tool, it is flawed as many other tools are

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