Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The New Literacy ' Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis (Ethos Pathos Logos) 3rd Person
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Rhetorical Analysis of “The New Literacy”
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Technology has a significant influence on literacy in the current world. Clive Thompson on The New Literacy notes that technology influences our literacy in different ways. He notes that while other professors argue that technology is responsible for the inability of children to write, others are of the opinion that technology has revolutionized literacy and writing. Thus, arguably technology plays a dynamic role in the writing process. Thompson uses an emotional appeal, appeal to reason and an ethical appeal in this writing to bring out the rhetorical aspects of this text.
Emotional appeal is used throughout the text. “Be ready to hear teachers getting upset once again about how kids are unable to write and this is blamed on technology” (Thompson, 2009). Here the author brings out an element of concern and pity over the situation that is prevailing as a result of technological use. He notes that technology has created excessively self-centered people and further notes that technology has contributed greatly towards murdering language. Lunsford’s quote, “I think we are in the midst of a literacy revolution…” (Thompson, 2009), is also another example of emotional appeal. Here, Lunsford connects with the readers by giving them an assurance that technology is playing a…

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