How Technology Has Changed Our World Essay

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Social Media
When my parents were kids they didn’t get to experience all the fancy things that we have today. The only thing they had was a ball to play with and some toys. They also didn’t have video games and fancy tablets that now children have just to make them stop crying. Nowadays we have a lot of technology in our world. We have technology all around us and it affects people’s daily lives whether it is at work, school, with friends or even in the bathroom. Even though there are some drawbacks to social media and technology there are many more ways that it’s made our lives better.
Technology is changing our world in a positive way by allowing future generations to come up with better and wiser ideas. Technology is helping people all over the world especially the students. With technology we find it easy to communicate with one another instead of face to face conversations. Technology is helping everybody and is also a big help to the students. With this technology we can do our homeworks, and if we don’t know the answer to a problem there is millions of answers to the question on the Internet (McCoy). With technology students can also take online classes and not attend class. As long as you pass the course online and you actually get something out of it you can pass the class. Without technology students might find it difficult to do some of the daily assignments and also browsing the web can help them on stuff that they don’t understand. In many ways technology has…

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