Essay on How Technology Has Changed Our World

1354 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
Technology plays a special role in this changing world that we are living it. Technology is changing business for everyone from media stars to best-selling authors, from retail-store owners to venture capitalists. As technology has taken over the business world, business has become more contentious to surpass the competition. As everything else in life, along with its perks, negativity lurks within.
Information technology (IT) is what connects people, organizations and social systems. Undisputedly we are surrounded by technology every minute of every day, which is why technology has become so important in our everyday lives. Whether we are resting or working, we are always utilizing technology. It is technology that has brought the world closer together as a whole. Agreeably, we all utilize it, we all depend on it and we couldn’t live without it. Technology nowadays are used to organization communications (through e-mail, websites, virtual meetings); they drive standard human resource processes (online benefits enrolments, on boarding and orientation programs, tracking systems, performance management processes) and organization development efforts (targeted developmental feedback aimed at driving leadership and manager quality, self-directed learning and career management tools to support culture change, instant online survey technology and follow-up capability, and interactive training & development initiatives). It should come as no surprise that IT, and particularly the…

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