How Special Needs Affects Human Beings Essay example

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A good overview about what special needs is, has been provided from this learning process. From that, we have learned about the categories of special needs that affect human beings especially young children. Proper definitions, causes and prevention about what these categories entail have been clearly put down and understood. This paper focuses on the summary, knowledge and insights of what we have learned from this process.
We must understand what these categories of special needs are. They are quite in number and this includes emotional disturbances, autism, deafness, intellectual disabilities, blindness and learning disabilities. The definition of these categories is according to the IDEA which is the Individuals with Disabilities Act, (2012). My chosen category was learning abilities, defined as a disorder in the basic processes that psychological, involved in comprehending or use of language, either written or spoken that may affect ability to read, listen or speak among others.
Much appreciation is also given to other students that indulged in this exercise in learning more about this subject to interest. According to the research of one student that focused on communication disorder, the student defined communication disorder as an interactive exchange of ideas, information, feelings, desires and needs. The student further explained it as decoding, transmitting and encoding messages. In general, it is having difficulties in communicating. This is just among the other…

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