Essay about How Social Media Has Changed Our Lives?

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Nowadays, people are using internet related services more often if we look at former days. We can say that people cannot live without the internet now. Developing in technology has changed a lot of things that especially use the internet. Social media, social networking service, and cloud services, for instance, emerged and are becoming more important for people’s lives. Because of the internet’s popularization, people have been getting used to gathering plenty of information and becoming greedier to get that. The fact is still that the internet has improved people’s lives much more convenient. Particularly, we can think that social media is the one has improved many things. It can send and spread people’s information such as one’s knowledge for example. And then, people can follow or utilize the information to their next actions like purchasing. In other words, social media has brought us the new way to collect information. That is much easier and effective than checking news papers’ or televisions’ information because people can reach information whenever and wherever they want. In addition, to keep company with other people, social network services are being used by many people as efficient tools of communication, so that people are able to communicate and be connected with others by using them, but not only using phone calling or texting. For instance, people mainly share their minds and interests by social networking services.
As well as people’s lives,…

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