How Social Influences Affect The Corporate Image Of A Pharmaceutical Industry?

817 Words Apr 8th, 2016 4 Pages
My topic of a researched argument is that whether direct-to-consumers (DTC) advertising, as one of the most effective forms of mass communications, should be more regulated than it is now. This paper argues that policy makers need to make stronger regulations against many DTC advertisements in a pharmaceutical industry because they exploit consciousness, mislead consumers, and are obsessed with profits. My primary audience for this argument would be the people who are interested in how DTC advertisements work in human societies. For example, it would be the people who are curious about how DTC advertisements change people 's perspective. To be more specific, the audience could be advertisers, marketing managers, sociologists, and policy makers. Advertisers are sensitive to the regulations against DTC advertisements because the regulations could disturb advertisers ' creativity and productivity. Marketing managers would be interested in this topic because their main duty is to promote the corporate image to customers, and they care about the advertisements with regulations, which possibly affect the corporate image. Also, the sociologists who study how social influences affect human 's social lives would be interested in how regulations against DTC advertisements would affect people compared to the advertisements without regulations. Policy makers whose duty is to keep a society function well are also interested in this argument because they wonder whether regulations against…

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