How Recruitment And Selection Are Related With Human Resource Management

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This assessment tells about how recruitment and selection are related with human resource management, and how it really works. There is a definition for recruitment as well, Recruitment can be defined as seeking and obtaining a set of potential candidates with the knowledge, skills and experience desired to allow an organization to select the most suitable people to fill the jobs against the descriptions and specifications defined positions. HR management has a duty to take care of his employees. HR management tell them the goals they want to achieve and how to accomplish them. HR management has the authority for recruiting, hiring and firing employees. Recruitment and selection

Recruitment process is according HR – recruitment is a process in which a HR manager has to find a possibly best hiring person for his or her organization. Recruitment process includes analysing requirements for the job and attracting new employees for the job which company has a vacancy for it, screening selecting applicants, hiring the new employee for the organisation. It 's a (recruitment) process the adds value of the HR process. In perfect recruitment, including the adaptation of the new hire. This is about setting the job; design the text pleasant recruiting and offering competitive package to the candidate who wins. This process is done and managed by recruitment policy. Human resources should always find the right place…

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