How My Lifestyle Affects Me Essay example

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The way you carry yourself throughout life could determine whether or not you have good physical and mental health. As research have found the individual’s modern life style can ultimately influence their quality of life and longevity, I would like to express how my modern lifestyle affects me. The number one thing your lifestyle can affect is your physical and mental health either positively or negatively. Another is different modern lifestyle patterns can impact my life. Finally, there are cognitive and behavioral changes that I can make in order to improve the quality of my life. The way you maintain yourself physically and mentally is what determine how your life may or may not turn out to be in the future.
To begin with, one way my lifestyle affected my physical and mental health in-between positive and negative is when I transitioned from living on an Island, St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands, to then moving here to Waco, Texas for the past two years. The transition negatively affected me because I then had to readapt myself to the difference in everyday food, weather changes, commute and so forth. On the other hand, it positively affected my lifestyle because it allowed me to venture out and explore bigger and better things. I was mentally affected because I had to learn many new things and way of doing things as compared to what I normally do. It really wasn’t that hard to re-adjust because I basically go with the flow and learn as I go. The food is very greasy that what…

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