How My Language Changes With Each Different Person I Interact With The Owner, Store Manager And Other Workers

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I used my place of work, which is currently at Virginia Mitre 10, for my language study. The current work place environment involves in assisting customers with their product choice within the store and serving customers at the checkout. My aim in this language study is to compare how my language changes with each different person I interact with within the work place environment and to extend my knowledge regarding language and communication in the industry. Every shift I work, I would have many interactions with customers coming from different cultures and suburbs. This report will focus on specific interactions on certain customers to compare how my language changes and also with the owner, store manager and other workers in the work place.

Virginia Mitre 10 is a local hardware store located at several locations across Australia. Mitre 10 currently operates in the hardware and building supplies retailing industry. They stock a range of goods including hardware, timber, tools, paint, plumbing supplies, garden tools and garden supplies. It was the start of my shift 9pm on a Saturday morning. The first conversation started with the workers. As I have entered through the back entrance of the workplace my first interaction was with one of the workers named Cameron. It was a general conversation between myself and him involving how his week was, what he got up to. The language used by both of us was, informal, casual and relaxed, such as you would have a general conversation…

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