Reflection On Communication In A Fast Food Workplace

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Throughout the past few weeks, communication in a fast food workplace was recorded and analysed. This report will summarise the experiences had and reflect on the interactions between multiple types of customers, co-workers and myself that occurred over the past work shifts.

These interactions all occurred in a fast food restaurant in the middle of a food court in a local shopping centre and usually only last up to 5 minutes when dealing with customers. Over the course of two 8-hour shifts on alternating weekends I came into contact with many different groups of people ranging in gender and age in my workplace, mainly my co-workers, different types of customers and my boss or manager. These shifts consisted on both serving
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Throughout the two shifts I worked with both my boss and only manager I discovered that my communication towards them takes on a more formal, reserved tone. I am more polite as a way to show respect to someone of higher status than myself.

Throughout my shifts I also learnt that when communicating with my boss and/or my manager I would pose more questions towards them rather than to other co-workers as the manager was more experienced. I also learnt that interactions with the boss were very limited and straight to the point rather than a more casual conversation, as she was often preoccupied with paper work, phone calls or difficult customers. As I’m friends with my manager our communication is more relaxed than with my boss, however it is still more formal communication than with my co-workers.

When working with my various co-workers over the two shifts I discovered that a completely different use of communication occurred when interacting with them. When compared to the type of communication used with the boss and manager, interactions with co-workers are the quite different. Although still using polite vocabulary, working with my co-workers uses a completely relaxed, informal form of communication, such as random
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However, speaking in a softer manner and using a more cheerful voice paired with a child-like vocabulary was the most efficient way to interact with and ensure that there were no communication misunderstandings, as it allowed the young customer to understand what I was saying and not be intimidated. When their parents were present however, this form of communication wasn’t needed as much as I was able to talk to the young customer through his parents, therefore using normal language was more appropriate.

Multicultural Customers
I have also learnt that there is a major communication gap between myself and those customers who have English as a second language and therefore have trouble understanding and communicating with us. With this being the majority of our customers, a specific form of communication is required in order for customers and server to understand one another.

This form incorporates different styles for both the younger and older customers. Speaking both louder and clearer ensures the best hope for verbal interaction to be successful. However, I have learnt that one of the most effective ways to communicate with these customers is by pointing at each item. This leaves minimal room for error and is therefore an extremely efficient and effective form of connection and

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