How Music Affects My Life Essay example

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WOULDN 'T reality be beautiful if love came knocking on your door?

Your eyes would outshine luna, blood would creep up your neck to your cheeks and then to the tips of your ears, your lips would curve upwards mimicking a parabola, and your heart.

My god, your fist-sized heart.

One magical muscle.

Your heart would race like it 's participating in the Olympics in the summer. It 'd give you such a high emotion that the first thought that crosses your mind will embarrasse you when you think about it later. Your hands would stretch to touch the human being who possesses you more than yourself. Your mouth would stretch to utter his name so softly yet so intimately that you can 't help but bite your lips.

Violin music will play in the background.

You 'd be on Cloud 9.

Every nerve in your body would be ecstatic as if Christmas had come early.

That love holds a certain warmth, a certain depth, a certain height.

Mum alaways said, "One day, Luci, you 'll fall in love and when you do, believe me, it 'll drive you crazy. A simple boy will give tough competition to your love for your violin."

I always responded with "but will he love me?"

Of course, my parents were the idolized couple, known for their unyielding love for each other. In their time, love stories were common. Nowadays, divorce rates were so high that ten in ten people reconsidered tying the knot. People craved for the true love they read about in books and fairytales--the type of devotion where two people had a…

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