How Marketers Are Using New Measures For A Larger Audience Essay

1233 Words Mar 4th, 2016 null Page
Marketers are using new measures to reach a larger audience. Where you go you are being advertised to whether you realize it or not. I choose to focus on the outside portion of this assignment on a Tuesday because I do not have class and was curious on how much I am marketed to when I am only outside for a short period of time. I went outside to go get food from a Starbucks, which is right down the block on 31st Street and 7th Avenue, then I stayed in my building the rest of the day entertaining myself with my phone, ipad, and television. While walking down the block to get some food from Starbucks I realised that even though it was a short walk there are signs just about everywhere I looked and that even if I was not paying full attention they were still doing their job of reaching an audience. Walking past Madison Square Garden I cannot help but to look at the bright jumbo screen where they are showing that the Knicks were going to be playing there soon. That caught my eye because I enjoy watching basketball and never been to a game and now that I stay down the block from the Garden I can finally go see one without it being a hassle. I think their approach of showing upcoming games and shows on the screen while using bright colors is an effective use of advertising. It usually catches my eye and makes me focus on what they are showing. When I finally made it to Starbucks I could help notice The billboards all over 7th Avenue on on the buses. These advertisements did not…

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