Essay about How Long Have You Been Playing Basketball?

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How long have you been playing basketball?

I’ve been playing basketball since as long as I’ve known it, since I was a young kid about six years old.

When did you realize that basketball was the sport for you? Was there any other sports that you played?

No not really, when I was growing up my brothers played basketball and my mom loved basketball so I was always brought up in a basketball family, I never really played any other sports. Since I was young I was always either one of the tallest kids, so I knew when I was young being the tallest kid always getting the most rebounds and points, from young I knew basketball was going to be my sport.

When did you first start getting contacted from universities? What were you initial thoughts/ feelings?

I was — at first recruited this year, last year I got recruited last year a just little bit coaches telling me i 'm good but never really got the recognition, the school i’m from John Abbott we don 't get a lot of recognition other schools get. So it was a surprise to me that i was getting a lot of emails texts calls from coaches like Ryerson, Carelton, Ottawa U schools like that. It was definitely like it was a good feeling knowing a lot of schools wanted me on their team.

Were there any specific schools that you were interested in?

No, no schools I didn 't really want to play in Quebec play against the same competition. I just wanted to get out of the province I def wanted to be in Ontario. You know, where all the good…

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