How Leisure Is Essential For Human Function Essay

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Personal Philosophy
My personal leisure philosophy is that leisure is a state of mind as well as an activity. It is about making time for yourself and having fun without the stress of everyday life. I believe that leisure is essential for human function, especially for students. Leisure is about a healthy mind and body. It is about each individual 's wants and needs, and the balance between them and the rest of their lives. Another important leisure factor for me is being part of nature. While I do watch television and participate in other indoor activities during leisure time, I feel that the most meaningful leisure time is spent outdoors. In order for something to be a "leisure activity" it should be either challenging or stimulating. I also agree with Csikszentmihalyi 's Flow Theory. A large part of why I do leisure is to let go of self-consciousness and concentrate on the activity.
I would define leisure as time free of the demands of work and other duties. Recreation is what we do during that time. These definitions could be stretched to fit travel and forms of casual leisure. I find Iso-Ahola 's definition of leisure as "seeking and escaping" very meaningful. Leisure is a way to find yourself and escape your day to day life.
My leisure activities:
Name of Activity Where I Participate With Whom Duration Length of Involvement
Yoga Backyard Alone 1-2H 2 years
U of M Area Alone 1-2H 10 years
Home Alone 2H 5 years
U of M/Home…

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