You Can Buy Happiness Essay

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Many people say that money can buy happiness, but Tammy Strobel, the author of You Can Buy Happiness, would disagree. Early in her life, her dream was to have a high paying job and live in her large dream house that had everything a person could want in a house. She found that she was very unhappy having a desk job in the financial industry and commuting to this job every day. This job was well paying, but she still was not satisfied. She and her husband Logan turned to downsizing to try to both reduce debt and simplify their lives. Even though the process was difficult it benefitted their health and happiness. To begin to downsize, Tammy started slow because it was hard for her to give up her belongings. Once she started looking through …show more content…
I love being active and doing things outdoors. Exercise has always been such a big part of my life, which is why I decided I want to be an athletic trainer even if athletic trainers do not make as much money as related professions. It is not about the money for me; I believe that if I truly enjoy my job the money does not matter for my happiness. Last semester anytime I have excessive amounts of homework, I would work on my homework during the time I would normally go to the gym. Even though I got more school work done, I was more stressed because the work is really never-ending. Exercise is the best way I have found for myself to reduce stress. I have a consistent workout routine this semester, and I feel so much better. Although I have more classes that are even more difficult this semester, I am overall much less stressed than I was less semester when I did not always stick to my exercise routine. I know that it is more important for me to make time to exercise because of the amount that it benefits my health, so I try my best not to sacrifice my workout time for doing homework. Overall, the insights that Tammy has on how simplifying your life can make you happier makes me really think about how I am currently living. I believe that I can improve my happiness by trying out some of the things that she did. Money is not the most important thing

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