Money Doesn T Always Buy Happiness Essay

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Money Doesn’t Always Buy Happiness Today in our day and age, there has been one topic that comes up that has been a controversy for people all over the world: money. Scientist have studied that, “Money does buys happiness, but it buys less than most people think,” (Dunn, Gilbert, Wilson, 2011, pg. 115). Some people believe that the more money that they have, the happier they will be. Others believe that money is the epitome of unhappiness because it can cause a barrier between them and those around them. Depending on how he or she use the money, happiness is determined on how the person decides to spend it. How we plan to spend our money is up to the person, but using it in the right way will bring happiness for them and the people they spend time with. We all want to be successful and provide for our family, but how badly will it pay when that person ignores the family that they are providing for? When a person has experiences with the ones they love, instead of what money can buy, then the phrase, “money buys happiness,” does not come into effect for that person.
Does having a job that pays well, make a person happier? When it comes to finding a job, the one thing that comes up in every application entry and
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Some people today believe that the more material goods one owns, will improve their happiness. Others believe that the more experience one has with their loved ones brings more happiness to them than others. In both ways, they have a point, but material goods tend to bring shorter outbursts of joy then experiential adventures. Van Boven (2005) commented on the matter and said, “People in general are made happier by spending money with the intention of acquiring life experiences than by spending money with the intention of acquiring material possessions,” (132). That shows that people can be happier gaining adventures and experience then buying things that they probably don’t

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