The Great Gatsby Happiness

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“Go out and buy yourself something nice.” That’s the comforting phrase we often tell people close to us who are distraught or saddened by recent news. Even though it might seem childlike, the advice is usually well-intentioned, but might fall short when trying to boost a person’s overall happiness. The most accepted view is that happiness can be bought with a sufficient amount of money. However, numerous people neglect to see that happiness is neither determined by one factor nor does it correspond with material possessions. First, it is clear that humans are one of the only species that create such complex social networks. Given this, it isn’t any wonder on how our social relationships are a strong influence on our happiness. That is, it …show more content…
The one that best represents an illusory world created by money is F. Scott Fitzgerald 's character, Jay Gatsby. Since his childhood, Gatsby had always struggled with who he genuinely was, and felt as if he deserved more than what he was given. Between not accepting his parents and his ever-expanding imagination, the apparent discomfort during his childhood is what forges Gatsby into the complacent yet pseudo-confident man he becomes. Gatsby made his entire life centered around making himself wealthy by any means possible. He would not feel accomplished until everything had happened exactly as he had pictured it. After he becomes wealthy, he buys a lavish mansion, and throws wild parties, to hopefully attract his past love, Daisy, to him. Although, in spite of the love story at hand; it is obvious that Daisy, the beautiful girl of his dreams, is just an integral part of Gatsby’s insecure identity. Gatsby knew it would be possible to get rich, but he wanted a past full of money such as Tom Buchanan had. To show this desire, in the middle of the book, it is shown that Gatsby believes he can turn back time. Revealing that the money he has acquired has given him a false sense of security, and even with all of his material possessions, he would never be entirely contented. He thought that by having Daisy he would become the respectable man he always wanted to be, and it would solve …show more content…
As discussed in the previous two paragraphs there exist severe distinctions in the advantages and disadvantages of being wealthy. To begin with, a disadvantage of the rich is that they must be careful of whom they acquaint themselves with. Not only could these friends be trying to use them for their money; they could end up only liking them for that reason. Also, it is obvious that the poor possess a disadvantage and the wealthier side might want to help them out ,so the rich might worry about the constant drag of being friends with a poorer person. Wealthier people lose their sense of value of money. For example, they could spend a thousand dollars on just wine and not bat an eye. On the contrary, myriads of rich people try to maintain this value by doing actions such as philanthropy or altruism. Another, disadvantage is that the rich might tend to spend more time preoccupied with the thought of making more money, to break their imaginary glass ceiling, and spend minimum time with their families. Although, it cannot be said that the rich work longer hours. Many poor people work countless hours, overtimes, or even two jobs to try and support their families. On the other hand, there seem to be multitudinous advantages of being wealthy. It almost certainly guarantees you a higher quality life, As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, there are the major ones, for example, financial freedoms, or

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