How Leadership Style Has Changed Over Time Essay

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Leadership style has changed over time, companies are trying to attract more ethnic groups to help create, improve, and build a Democratic leadership diversity. In today society companies are now targeting a different types of leadership styles to help them become a successful company. I believe the Democratic leadership must develop the ability to learn how to become successful leaders. Some of the Qualities a leader should have are the emotional stability to deal with frustration and stress. Leaders must care about their members, enthusiastic about the job performance and sincere when making decisions. Someone who is organized, have self- confident, diplomatic, and “able to dish out equal praise and constructive criticism.


My desired leadership style Democratic leaders because it involves employees in decision making and this will allow me to delegate authority. This style will allow me to be loyal to my organization, devoted my work with perfection empathy. I am enthusiastic taking on a new challenge to be sincere about taking on a bigger role within my company. I also believe that I can influence others by demonstrating good judgment in character through their own actions and behavior to inspire others to be their very best and get excited about doing well. No matter how many mistakes you make it’s worth trying in the end with hard work, dedication and passion you can rise above any circumstance. The willingness to strive to achieve the…

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