How Lack Of Time Management Affects College Students

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Can we change the college students to be the morning birds?
College life is full of opportunities and challenges for the freshmen, and they all excited to hug their new life without parents around. But at the same time, there are many problems appear; in general, the most serious one will be the time management, which can also lead to many serious consequence. In ralph heibutzki passage “how lack of time management affects college students”, he says students may face declining academic performance and even risk of dropping out. Many students always wait until the last minutes to finish their homework. According to the McGraw Center, many people think the reason why they are procrastination is that they are lazy, but this is not the truth. In my mind, the more important reason is that many students cannot estimate their ability correctly, so they will have less time for their homework and healthy schedule. Like some students may enroll in too many class, or some students may join too many clubs or take too many part-time job. They will take all the free time on their way go and back from all different space. They may not have enough time to spent with their friends and maybe even do not have enough time to finish their homework. For example, I enrolled 20 credits for my first quarter in university and I think all the class will not be that hard to learn. But for my first two weeks in university, I could not maintain the 8 hours’ sleep except the weekend and always adopted my

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