How I Will Understand American English Essay

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“Do you need a help with your backpack” the stewardess asked me in British accent. “Pardon”, I said “I didn’t hear you well”. She repeated, but I still didn’t understand what she was trying to say. I started to panic. “If I cannot understand British English, which I learned in the university for 1 year, how I will understand American English”. “How I am going to study in University in America if I don’t understand simple things the stewardess was trying to say, maybe I should get out of the plane before it’s too late” I thought. I stood up for a moment, but seat back again, analyzing how I came to that point to go and study in America. This king of opportunities do not always come on your path. I had to grab the chance. It was my first long trip when I first headed to USA.
“I am sorry” people told me, “we can’t lend you $600, the New Year is near and we have to prepare”. New Year is a big event in Armenia like Christmas in the US, may be even bigger. We buy lots of food and presents. In New Year time we have a table full of food laid about 7 days: day and night. It’s being freshened frequently and there are people visiting each other to wish happy New Year, eat together, sing and dance.
I had only $300 for my ticket that a random student in Russia approached and said to me “God told me you need this money to buy a ticket to America”. I was speechless. I took the money, I thanked her, and I thought “Since God has started to take care of it, He will help me to borrow the…

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