Essay about How I Have A Rough Time Writing

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I have always had a rough time writing essays in my academic career. The hardest thing for me in writing is structuring essays and making them flow. It wasn’t in till the 9th grade that I had a teacher who showed me how to set up an essay so that it is easier to read. One of the simplest things I struggle with in my writing career was spelling. Starting in elementary I would memorize words for a spelling test instead of actually learning how to spell them. This snow balled into a bad habit of spelling rather simple words wrong through out my middle and high school career. One of my earliest memories of learning to read and write, was with a computer program called Dr. Seuss ABC’s. I believe I was about four when I used this computer game to learn my ABC’s and how to spell my full name. When I was in kindergarten I was more excited to learn then to play with other kids, mostly because I was extremely shy. One of the first things I remember writing in kindergarten was a small book about my family. The book was in the shape of a fish and was held together by yarn. On each colorful page, in a sentence or two, I described one of my family member. My first grade year was a good and bad year for me. On one hand I found a passion for reading, and on the other I started taking spelling test. At first my scores on spelling test were alright, but as soon as we got pass simple words I started having problems. These spelling problems continued through out elementary. One of my most…

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