How I Got Into Middle School Essay

1268 Words Dec 4th, 2015 6 Pages
Throughout my life I have been involved in many activities; from school to in the community to after school. I have had a wide range of employment opportunities and have learned various skills through these jobs. Some of these skills have been able to benefit others and have taught me many things. Once I got into middle school I really wanted a job so I went down to the local newspaper and was a paper boy for three year. Since this particular newspaper had to be delivered before 7 in the morning I had to get up very early to roll and deliver these papers. I also had to go around and collect my money from the people I delivered to. It was like my pay check instead of getting one from the newspaper office. But even before that I have worked on my grandparent’s farm just doing whatever needed to be done that day. From building fence to collecting eggs and feeding horses. I’m no stranger to manual labor and hot weather. That summer I got a job with a landscaper and learned how to install sprinkler systems and landscape people’s yards. Then I worked as a bee keeper for a summer and learned so many new things. Like you can get stung more than thirty times a day… Anyway that was a very physically demanding job. Then I worked for the high school mowing lawns, putting in playground equipment, and scrubbing roofs. Through all of these jobs I have learned one major thing, if you work as hard as you can and do the best job possible good things will happen. I’m tall for my age and…

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