How Has Basketball Changed Over Time

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Played all over the world from the most isolated places to each country in the world. Basketball is for many their passion, their hobby, their jobs and even their world. Basketball has been around for many years.
Dr. Naismith, a Physical education instructor, was the inventor of basketball. In 1891, he nailed peach baskets 10 feet up and used a team of nine players and only 13 rules. Surprisingly he used a soccer, my favorite sport, to invent basketball. The story is he was asked to invent an indoor game, within two weeks, made to distract a disruptive group of students. On January 20th, 1892, the first true game was played, but the first game was on December 21st, 1891.There were originally 13 rules in the game but over the years they have
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NBA (National Basketball Association) was made in 1949 in the United States. The two rivals, the National Basketball League made in 1937 and the Basketball Association of America made in 1946, merged together to make the National Basketball Association. All the famous basketball teams play here and are televised for fans to watch. Now a days there are games all week showing them all over television and that is all you hear basketball players talk about.
Basketball has undergone many changes and has changed for the better of the game. It went from playing with a soccer ball and peach baskets to having an actual ball made especially for basketball and two basketball hoops with a backboard. Making the teams down from nine players to a team to five in was also a huge change, but even though it has changed over the years, more and more people become fans and start playing this sport. Basketball isn’t just a sport, it has become a lifestyle.
The Media sees basketball in two different ways, a positive and a negative way. In the negative side, there are many stereotypes. One stereotype is that “NBA is full of thugs”, ever since Hip-hop came to NBA, people saw these “black men” dressing like gangsters with chains. Now the media associated basketball with thugs, which was a false image for the basketball culture.

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