Essay on How Gun Violence Is Viewed By Society

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How Gun Violence is Viewed by Society There has been a rise on the topic of gun violence. It has become a more relevant topic today and one cannot walk away from the news without hearing a story related to gun violence either being covered or displayed on the teleprompter below. This paper will analyze three sources: a text based article written by Dov Cohen, titled “Culture, Social Organization, and Patterns of Violence,”on the trends of violence pace of location and how relationship of individuals within families affect violence, a Tedtalk given by Dan Gross, titled “Why Gun Violence Cannot become America’s New Normal,”on the topic of gun violence and how it affected his life as well a including a solution to ending violence in the U.S, and a Scholarly article, “Analyzing Available Data Could Help Improve Background Checks Involving Domestic Violence Records,” written by the U.S. Government of Accountability Office(GAO) which covers the process of Background checks within the sales of firearms. These three sources will be evaluated on the bases that they evoke a strong argument with the use ethos, pathos, and logos within their writings.
In Cohen’s article,“Culture, Social Organization, and Patterns of Violence,” he examined a study, in the case of use of violence, whether it was seen as more culturally appropropriate. Within South and West communities as opposed to less violence seen in tighter, more organized communities within the North, he stated that it is a trend…

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