How Friends Became Rivals Short Story

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How Friends Became Rivals
This is a story about Alvin and Jerrel. This is a story about how friends became rivals. When Jerrel and Alvin were in highschool they didn’t meet each other until they both tried out for quarterback for the football team. Jerrel had a rich dad and went to a lot of QB camps so he was one the best quarterbacks in the nation. Alvin on the other hand was poor, the only food he could get was the food at school and he didn’t know what he was doing when he was trying out for quarterback.
Alvin wasn’t a big dude. He’s 5’10” and 200 pounds and he couldn’t throw for crap, but he was a speed demon. No one could tackle him, he could juke and even truck you sometimes. Jerrel though was the pure opposite, he was the definition of a pocket passer. Jerrel was 6’6” and 250 pounds, but he
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Jerrel and his running backs finish with a combined total of 543 yards. But Alvin alone had a whopping 283 rushing yards, 1 rushing touchdown and 106 passing yards. But that still wasn’t enough to keep up with Georgia. Essentially it was a win for both of them even though Jerrel’s twitter page did not agree. At the end of the season Georgia finishes 10-2 as they win the outback bowl but somehow Jerrel gets robbed of the heisman as they give it to his running back teammate with over 2,000 rushing yards.
In their junior year the rivalry gets stronger between Alvin and Jerrel at the georgia bowl. At the end of the season they both finish 9-3 but Georgia is the strong favorite after the massacre of last years game. But somehow, someway Alvin and Georgia Tech sneaks out a win against Georgia with the ending score being 35-34 Georgia Tech. This game raised many heads that put focus on Alvins run game with georgia tech. Jerrel does win the heisman trophy but Jerrel is still super salty as he plans revenge for next

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