How Environments Can Affect Organizations Essay

1772 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
Final Exam: Question 1 Although one of the primary focuses in this course has been examining how environments can affect organizations, I believe that it is incredibly to also consider the concept’s antimetabole: how organizations can affect their environments. Firstly, an organization’s decision making processes can help situate it within its environment, thus changing its landscape entirely. In the pursuit of becoming situated, an organization’s competitiveness, successes, and failures have the potential to substantially change the environment or environments in which it exists as well. Through using the example of Silicon Valley startups, I will illustrate how an organization has the potential to greatly affect its environment.
Silicon Valley, the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area, is where thousands of startups are founded each year with the goal of dramatically changing the technological field -- and making copious amounts of money in doing so. Imagine that you have recently moved to California with the dream of founding a startup company. What will its mission statement be? If you are making your decision based on current needs, such as finding ways to advance medicine and health through technology, you could create a startup that focuses on finding ways to connect medical professionals to patients virtually. Since the current health-related startup environment is not incredibly saturated, at least as compared to the social media startup…

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