How Does The Environment Affect Environment

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Final Exam: Question 1 Although one of the primary focuses in this course has been examining how environments can affect organizations, I believe that it is incredibly to also consider the concept’s antimetabole: how organizations can affect their environments. Firstly, an organization’s decision making processes can help situate it within its environment, thus changing its landscape entirely. In the pursuit of becoming situated, an organization’s competitiveness, successes, and failures have the potential to substantially change the environment or environments in which it exists as well. Through using the example of Silicon Valley startups, I will illustrate how an organization has the potential to greatly affect its environment.
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220). A particular organization’s boundary is what separates its members from its environment, thus differentiating itself from the numerous other organizations (3.1 Class Notes, One particular boundary that I feel separates the organization and its members from nonmembers is official university affiliation. I chose such a broad boundary because being a member of the UNC-Chapel Hill community means a different thing to every person. Depending on what your perspective is on what it means to have membership to this organization, your defining boundary can easily change -- thus influencing your paper to go in a totally different …show more content…
For example, if you felt that just being a fan of UNC-Chapel Hill’s basketball team was a sufficient enough reason to be a member, your boundary would be much broader than mine. If that was the case, the focus of your paper would be much different than if you only perceived those with an official university affiliation as being a member of UNC-Chapel Hill. As mentioned in the class notes, defining what boundaries are is difficult to do because are social constructs: perceptions of what they are vary by person (3.1 Class Notes,

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