Essay on How Does Nature Works Affect The World?

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Obviously, we all have fathers. That is how nature works. Everyone has a father, and everyone has a mother. Except maybe, some people don 't. Little girls grow up relying on their daddy’s hand to hold while walking down the aisle of the grocery store. Little girls grow up relying on their daddy’s love to secure them, while walking through the terrors of life. These are recurring experiences throughout a daughter’s life, until they are stolen from her. I’m sure you have felt those gaping holes in your life before. I know I have. But by walking down the aisle of the grocery store alone, and by being forced to love ourselves, we, the fatherless daughters, can learn to impact the world in a more positive way than the world has impacted us.
Regardless of how our fathers left, how they disappeared from us, how they broke us, we are strong enough to prove that we can do this. We can be normal. We are normal. We can be smart. We are smart. We can be beautiful. We are beautiful. We can be worthy. We are worthy. “From fatherless to fearless, we can do this together.” We must not give up, and we must not surrender (White).
You woke up that one morning, not knowing that it was going to be your father’s last day with you, so you feel defeated. But however he left, whether voluntary or not, he is gone. It was not your fault, and you cannot blame yourself. This is something that we need to attempt to accept. Try to accept and try to move on, but there is no need…

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