How Do You Write An Essay

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Essay First Draft How do you write an essay? It is something teachers have asked you to do countless times, yet you still do not understand completely. The dreaded thought of writing an essay may soon become a new strength. By knowing the proper steps, you will be able to write a solid and well-rounded essay. There are three basic steps to follow whilst creating your essay; planning, drafting, and editing.
The first step is to plan your essay, which will take 40% of your total essay writing. The first planning stage is creating a zero draft. A zero draft is a way for you to gather ideas, thoughts, facts and research before commencing your essay. This is a simple way to start planning; open a blank document, start your research and write your thoughts on the topic. In addition to creating a zero draft, you can also create a mind map. Mind mapping allows you to organize your ideas in a visual manner. To create a mind map, write your thesis statement in the middle of the page, then draw lines from out of this central idea and create subtopics, from these subtopics, write your ideas and supporting points. Lastly, outlining provides a step-like planning option. An outline is the easiest transition from the planning stage to the drafting stage, as it is often more complete than the other planning options. To create an outline, you will be required to come up with a thesis statement based on the topic. After this, you write your topic sentences for each of your 3 paragraphs,…

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