Essay on How Coca Cola Changed The World

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“Coca-Cola has now become a beacon in today 's society, representing the motherland America.” This statement sums up the idea of how this soda company, which all begun in 1886, has revolutionized itself to be a worldwide phenomenon and the world’s number one power brand (How Coca Cola Changed the World). A power brand is a brand that is very well known in its market and sells a large quantity of its good or service and Coca-Cola has been considered this for quite a time now. The creation of this soda started with a pharmacist in Atlanta, Georgia, who decided to play around with a caramel scented concoction and mix it with carbonated water. The positive feedback from customers started the selling of this drink termed “Coca-Cola” for five cents a bottle. Interestingly, the drink was first intended to be a household medicine because some claimed that it cured the common headache and morphine addictions. Eventually the final recipe for this soda was created and within a couple years became the best known soda brand. After Pemberton, the initial creator of Coca-Cola died, a businessman by the name of Griggs Candler took over the business. With him, is where the invention soon became a large range business with serious marketing strategies at hand. The marketing strategies of Coca-Cola have always been known for its unique creativity that never fail to impress. Some may think that since the company is so large and successful that it does not need to put too much effort into its…

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