How Can You Yourself Your Surroundings? Essay

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No one in this world is perfect. Everybody has their problems. I 've noticed that you have some issues, and as your friend, I want to help you overcome those issues. Moving into and getting used to living in a new city can be difficult, but I will try to help make it easier for you to become more comfortable with your new setting. Exploring and making friends are two key ways to reaching your goals. Exploring will help you familiarize yourself with your surroundings. Making friends will help you find things that you enjoy, as well as help you have fun in general, which is important when you 're trying to be comfortable and like the new city that you live in. Opening up to people, and connecting with them can be really difficult. However, if you 're going to get invested in other people 's lives, you can 't be so closed off from letting other people into your life. This goes along with making friends in order to get used to living in a new place, but it 's also very important when you 're trying to get over your reluctance to have relationships with people. Opening up more to family and friends that you already have is a good way to practice talking to other people, and getting to know them, as well as them getting to know you. If you follow my advice, with time, you may be able to overcome your problems. In order to get more comfortable with your new surrounding, it 's a good idea to get out and explore the city. I know it can be intimidating living in a new city; I 've…

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