How Can Never Replace A Time? Essay

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October 14, 2014--the days are counting down and not a day spent at practice that we are not preparing for this game. The feelings can never replace a time, a place, and a team. As the days went fast, and what seemed to be the night that almost felt like it wasn’t real. The bus ride seemed to determine where we would go from here. We all knew where the bus was taking us, Spring Grove placed 6th whereas Kingsland placed 11th. The game everyone wouldn’t miss, yes due to the loss of every game we seem to always tell ourselves that we were just waiting for playoffs to begin. We did as we all told ourselves. After playing 5 stressful yet fun filled games we all wanted nothing more than our season not to end not at this time and point. We played too hard and the best we ever had to just throw another match out the window. With the mental and emotional strength it took for everyone not to give up after a mistake as the points went in opposite favor that’s when the physical strength shined through. Coach Frank always said “play as a team win or lose as a team”; nothing sticks more than the little words that have a compassionate meaning. The bus ride was a, long, bumpy and exhausting enough to give you a headache and motion sickness. With heat radiating from under the stiff and most uncomfortable seats we couldn’t help but spread out away from each other so we all could have space. With the mass amount of empty seats we all spread our bodies over the two seats, covering the pathway…

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