How Advertising Influences Consumers Without Them Essay

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Exam 2
1. Advertising influences consumers without them even realizing it. Marketers phrase slogans in a way that is subconsciously appealing to the public. The main tactic used to deceive consumers are sex appeals; the human body naturally releases hormones when seeing someone attractive, which will bring up positive feelings about the product being advertised. Take Carl’s Jr for an example, this fast food chain has recently started campaigning gorgeous swimsuit models into their food commercials. For an average consumer, this attractive female triggers their subconscious mind towards wanting to purchase their products. This fast food chain is just one of many to use this tactic to manipulate consumers into buying their product. Frank Luntz’s believes that decisions are made through emotions, not intellect; that being said, emotion is an automatic impulse controlled by the unconscious mind. Advertisers’ main goal is to link happy feelings to the brand they are selling. They do this primarily through corny jokes and adorable mascots/kids; they do this in hopes that it might trigger an emotion, which would lead to buying their product over a competitor’s. One of the easiest ways to trigger an emotion is linking present situation to a past memory. All of these strategies directly affect the decision making process for consumers without them realizing that they have been swayed into a purchase decision. Another tactic marketers like to use is playing on the consumers’ negative…

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