How A Snickers Bar Is The Best Of Its Class Essay

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A Snickers bar is the best in its class. At least, that is what Mars strives to convey in their commercials. Specifically, in Mars’ Snickers commercial that features Betty White, the candy bar is portrayed as the leading option when it comes to satisfying hunger. In addition, Mars plays upon the extreme notion that, by consuming a Snickers bar, you will become a better you. Unfortunately, in the process of convincing its audience that it is the best candy bar in its class, Mars commits logical fallacies, such as hasty generalization, a false dichotomy, and appeal to authority. The Snickers commercial begins with a group of men playing football in a park, alongside Betty White. In this commercial, Betty White is addressed as “Mike” by her fellow teammates. When a pass is thrown to Betty White, or “Mike,” she slowly walks to catch it, but misses and is tackled into mud in the process. Subsequent to this incomplete pass, Betty White walks over to her team huddle and is immediately called out for “playing like Betty White” by one of her teammates. She quickly responds with, “That’s not what your girlfriend said.” This obviously creates more tension between the two, but it disperses when a female approaches from the bleachers and hands White a Snickers bar. She takes a bite of the bar and transforms to Mike, an athletic male that is about twenty years old. Both teams return to the field and continue their game, with Abe Vigoda, a much older gentleman, as the quarterback. Vigoda…

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