How A Bully Causes Dropouts Essay

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Zachary Smith
Mrs. Mobley
Honors English
13 Feb 2015
How a Bully Causes Dropouts
One out of nine high school students report that they have been bullied, that totals to about 2.8 million students (Stewart 39). A bully is a person who uses physical and mental abuses to manipulate and control other people. Bullies cause ten percent of high school students to leave high school before graduating (Stewart 40). The effort to stop bullying in high school would reduce the amount of dropouts and, in addition, reduce the amount of bullies entering the work force. A bully usually leads a life of crime and “has a one in four chance of ending up with a criminal record by age thirty” (Greenbum 27). The reason high school students are bullies is the lack of parental figures and exploitation/ use of drugs and alcohol. Another main factor of substantial consequences, bullying will thrive.
A leading cause for a high school student to become a bully is the teen lacking a parental figure or a part of family abuse. Teens today transform into bullies due to many home or family problems. The majority of family problems that conflict with a teen’s behavior are “interpersonal relationships between the parents, divorce, psychiatric illness, and lack of income” (Olweus 46). Many teen become bullies due to hereditary factors, which bestow resentful behavior onto the child (Olweus 45). Consequently, this makes the child more likely to grow up with an inadequate parental figure to set an example. When a…

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