Cyberbullying Statistics: Bullying And Depression

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Bullying Statistics
Bullying and Depression

As of 2014, one out of three children get bullied during their middle school years and four out of five children have depression during their high school years. Bullying will often lead to depression, for both the victim and the bully. It can and most times will lead to other problems such as: low self esteem, anxiety, physical illness, and high rates of school absence. Those who were bullied as a child are more likely to suffer from depression as an adult. Both the victim and the bully in their life times will suffer from depression, being a kid and going through this traumatic experience will lead to other serious problems. Researchers suggest that low self esteem could be a cause of cyber
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It has become impossible to control and is one of society 's biggest problems. Studies show that out of the four types of bullying, (Physical, verbal, relational, and cyber), even though it is fairly new, it caused the most damage, was the most used, and is the worst kind of bullying out there. Due to the lack of control authoritative figures have over it, people can do basically has much damage as they want, everything said can’t be taken back or deleted. Studies also show that cyber bullies and victims of cyber bullying typically have higher risks of depression and usually the worst type of depression, they also suffer from lower self esteem. A story of a young boy named Ryan Halligan has touched so many people. It goes to show how cyberbullying can affect so many people. Everyone loved Ryan growing up, he had a great sense of humor, he was a bubbly, sweet, and caring, he was overall a great kid. Ryan was a victim of bullying. He was in special education due to lack of development in his motor skills and a minor speech impediment, he no longer needed it in fifth grade, when he first started getting bullied. By the time he made it to the seventh grade, Ryan wanted to be homeschooled or move to a different school. During that year, boys at school started taunting him online with rumors that he was gay. Ryan wanted to learn how to fight. He got into a fight with the bully. After that the bully stopped and he thought that things were getting better. The summer before his eighth grade year he started to establish a relationship with a girl from his school online, she was a popular girl. When school started their eighth grade year he approached who he thought was his girlfriend, she told him in front of everyone that he was a loser and that everything was a lie. She admitted to send

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