Why Does Bullying Occur?

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Though there are many different issues that need to be dealt with, a common one that many people face throughout their life is bullying. There have been multiple cases in the media about students and adolescents involved with bullying cases. Researchers try to study these incidents in an attempt to try and solve this problem. Since new forms of harassment are created, this issue continues to grow and effect the lives of the individuals involved. As people try to understand this growing problem, many questions are asked, such as what are the different types of bullying, why does bullying occur, and how can people prevent this situation from happening. Once these questions and their answers can be understood, this bullying issue can be put …show more content…
There are different types of bullies, victims, as well as the ways that the bully attacks. Usually the type of bully depends on the gender. There are two different types of bullies, direct, which is more commonly used by males, and indirect, which is more common among female bullies. (Gleason 9). The direct way of bullying is more physical. It includes hitting, shoving or anything that can physically harm another person. Indirect bullying is more emotionally based. These bullies target their victims by teasing, starting rumors, or by trying to put them down in any way emotionally (Gleason 9). Cyber bullies have become more common and their attacks have happen more frequently. They can attack anonymously and tend to be more vicious because of this. An anonymous attacker doesn 't understand the consequences that they can cause. Along with different types of bullies there are different types of victims. There are usually two types, passive and reactive. The passive is typically shy and quiet. They won’t defend themselves or fight back when when bullied (Kuther 2). The reactive victim is the complete opposite of the passive. These people usually provoke a bully to attack them. They are more aggressive and outspoken than the passive victim. A reactive target of bullying can be both the victim and the bully. They get frustrated and angry when they are bullied. Reactive victims then take this anger and deal with it by bullying other people. (Kuther 2). But it 's not only the types of bullies and victims that vary; there can be many varied forms of bullying as well. One specific form is cyber bullying. This is a newer type of harassment. It occurs within a cycle and pattern of aggression. Since the bully can target their victims anonymously, it can become more vicious and ongoing than regular bullying (Willard 1). Cyber bullying incidents generally involve the students who are considered

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