The Role Of Bullying In Today's Society

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Bullying impacts millions of Americans each year, and it is not just a current day problem it has been growing for years. I will tell you about bullying in the United States from the 1960’s up until 2010. From the 1960’s through 1975, bullying was nothing like it is today, bullying then was more of public graffiti than what we consider bullying. But over the years bullying has progressively grown into what is it today. From 1976 through 1989, students began to pick out the weak student because he or she was an easy target. Bullying in this era was more violent than it is today, the bullies would hit and kicks and physically hurt their victim. Over time the physical side of bullying has lost its edge and it has become more of a social fear. …show more content…
Bullying is more name calling and rumors than hitting and fighting anymore. Most of today 's bullying is done on the internet as cyber bullying. Cyberbullying is much easier for the bully because they can do it behind the screen of their computer. The psychology of bullying says”...Kids who don 't have the nerve to bully someone in school may instead choose to bully them electronically,” (The Psychology of Bullying 2013, p.3). Cyber bullies can become very extreme, and many teenagerss each year take their own lives because a bully or bullies make them feel worthless. “ Anger and pain are the things that motivate some kids and teenagers to engage in cyberbullying. Many of them suffer low self esteem and have little to know confidence in themselves.” (The Psychology of Bullying 2013, p.3) It 's sad that a student that feels worthless would make another student feel so bad about themselves they feel there is no other way to be happy than to take their own life. Treating others the way you want to be treated is golden rule number one, but with other things getting in the way you forget about the golden rules. A child 's parents are not the only things in his or her live that could influence how they act. Today almost every teenager has a facebook that they are constantly on. Teens are always on social media or watching TV at least far more than they were in the 80’s. This affects how a child behaves, because they grow up watching TV and begin to think what they see on TV is okay. If people want to stop bullying we need to “target treatment” as Dan Olwens, a Norwegian researcher would say. (Bullying 's A 21st Century Problem? 2016, p.1). Olweus is saying we can 't just act like it is not happening, we need to address the problem and end it. Many people believe the best way to do that is to teach kids about bullying, and make sure they know it is wrong. Lauren Camera of the U.S. News

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