Cost Of Suicide

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“Every child deserves to live life to the fullest” (Brenda High). Children deserve to acquire information in a secure environment and be content and comfortable in school. Many children experience bullying throughout elementary, middle, and high school. Bullying is a physical or verbal mistreatment against an individual, done with the intent to harm. Bullying is not a recent phenomenon, but it has been shrouded in silence, and embarrassment. Numerous parents and schools view bullying as a normal part of growing up and after multitudinous years bullying is being recognized as an epidemic. Parents and students want to have the security that the school environment will be safe. Verbal and physical bullying is a serious problem with numerous serious …show more content…
In recent years, suicides caused by bullying has received attention in the United States and around the world. Bullies and victims are at the highest risk and are more likely to think about suicide. Several studies show that suicides can affect society economically. The article “The Costs of Suicide” asserts, “For each suicide prevented, the United States could save an average of $1,182,559 in medical expenses and $1,178,684 of lost productivity (“The Costs of Suicide” 1). Suicides that are prevented can prevent communities from experiencing misery and can make society’s economy flourish. These problems are associated with great emotional and financial costs to …show more content…
Home environments and parents styles can have an immense impact on children’s behavior. Parents can prevent bullying by being an exceptional role model and setting a good example by not insulting or talking rudely to other people. Abuse perceived by children is a significant factor in violence and delinquent behavior. According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, parents behavior and consistency of discipline are the most momentous factors in promoting resilience to delinquency. Currently students that are in high-risk family situations are going to suffer social, economical, and academic consequences. Parents can teach their child how to compliment and appreciate other children and teach young individuals how to avoid a bully. Positive discipline methods and guidelines for media and technology can be implemented in homes. Parents can offer children opportunities to give back to others through community service and make them understand that they contribute to the

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