The Rise Of Bullying

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Bullying is on the Rise
In today 's society, bullying has become a huge problem. It affects people in all stages of life and it is becoming increasingly worse. A bully is someone who tries to belittle other individuals by intimidating or insulting them. Bullies say hurtful things to people and often target someone who looks weaker than them. Bullying not only affects victims emotionally, but it also affects them physically. There are various types of bullying that affect people 's everyday life such as physical, verbal, social, and cyberbullying. Bullying has been a huge issue for quite sometime and surrounds us in our everyday settings. Victims of bullying should be introduced to interventions and seek help when they feel it is needed, and
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It is the most common form resulting from recent technology advancements. Many people have access to social media and unfortunately, most of what is posted is negative. The negativity displayed can be seen or intended as cyberbullying. Bullies target people on the internet far too often. Some may ask “Why would this person be a coward and hide behind their computer?” Some bullies often hide from the victim to avoid face to face confrontation. They could thrive off of the hurt that they cause others. The lives of bullying victims are regularly threatened on social media sites such as: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Even celebrities are vulnerable to bullying. Being a victim of bullying could potentially increase a person 's chance of turning to drug abuse. Non bullied youths have a chance of 22.1% to turn to drugs while bullied youth have a chance of 33.69% (Valdebenito et …show more content…
This is just one of the many websites used to end this problem. Teenagers are prone to watch television on a daily basis. Many television shows display and encourage bullying to be taken place. The comedies that many teens are watching are mostly made up of harmful jokes and lines. Without realization, they are enjoying watching bullying and find it humorous. Some teens imitate what they have seen on TV and this could eventually lead to bullying another individual.
A popular movie called “Cyberbully” is a 2011 film made to educate viewers on the real life effects of cyberbullying. It has a great story that makes viewers feel the pain for the characters. It helps students to consider other people’s feelings more deeply and may help them be more careful concerning what they say to others. Parents should monitor what children watch. In doing so, they will lower the chances of their child bullying someone

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