Hospitality Industry Case Study

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Modern economies are consisting of two broad categories: production of goods and provision of services. The second category is becoming more and more broader and, undoubtedly, the hospitality industry, which goes without saying, is implied under this category. Hospitality industry extremely depends on disposal income and leisure time availability, and represents a multibillion-dollar share of the System of National Accounts (SNA) of any economy. Nevertheless, it is one of the most stressful sectors in the service industry. Providing a service by itself represents as rather heavy psychological work, but when it is considered from the Institutes of Peoples and Organizations’ or Human Recourses’ perspectives, it becomes obviously,
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Hotel employees play an integral part in delivering services. Customers are satisfied when they are provided excellent services, thus, however employees of hotels can do this only when they are satisfied by themselves at work. The frame related to motivation, dissatisfaction and stress of hotel employee plays a significant role in provision of high quality services to customers that will satisfy them. Ross (1995) conducted research survey in a group of employees working in hospitality industry and find out the relationship between negative moods and job competences. According to Ross those employees that possessed higher level of knowledge of their job tended to report sense of tension. Kim (2008) believes that in the result of stress in workplace employees become depleted and cynical which directly affects the services provided to the customers. Numerous researches in the hospitality industry found out a correlation of job stress with a rage of physical diseases and physiological symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, blood pressure, strokes ulcer etc. Therefore, it is crucial for hospitality industry mangers to prevent stress and dissatisfaction and motivate employees to an extent where a high quality service will be …show more content…
The factor of stress is extremely important in customer oriented businesses. The reason is that employees have to come into collision with demands of organisation, customers and management. These discrepancies between employees and management or employees and customers possibly will bring to dissonance for worker (de Ruyter, Wetzels and Feinberg,

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