Historical Context Of John Mark 's ' The Relative Of Barnabas '

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Historical Context
The book was written after Jesus death, between A.D 44-75, but believed to more closely to be approx A.D 67-68. At this time the audience may have been experiencing persecutions. The author of the book is not stated, but the consistent traditional view of the church history is that John Mark, the relative of Barnabas , is the author of the book. Papias (born between AD 50-60) appears to be the first witness of Mark indeed being the author of the book, along with others, Justin Martyr, Clement of Rome, and Ignatius came to the same conclusion . So for this assignment I’ll refer to the author as Mark solely for reading purposes.
The book of Mark was written to a Greek speaking (this is the langauge of the original text), gentile audience, most likely when he was in Rome. His whereabouts was reported by ancient witnesses, including the Anti-Marcionite Prologue, Irenaeus and Papias. None of these writers suggested that the author of Mark sent his gospel to another city which indicates that he was wrote it for the local churches in Rome . 1 Peter 5:13 also places Mark’s author in Rome when he was ministering alongside Peter.
Before Jesus came to earth everyone had to follow the laws for Salvation. But Jesus came to pay the price for our sins so that through faith in Jesus Christ we can have eternal life. Jesus talks more about this in the passage.

Literary context

In the immediate context Jesus is confronted with the question, “what must I do to inherit…

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