Max Weber's Views On Socioeconomic Status And Religion

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1. What relationships did Max Weber find between socioeconomic status and religion? Is this what you would have expected?

Socioeconomic status and religion have a dependent relationship. They rely on each other, as religion drives socioeconomic status to soar. People in society are driven to make a profit, Weber includes religion to explain why capitalism came about to be and why the relationship is constructed. If you work hard, smart, and without distractions, you will be successful and gain more money. Gaining this profit increased socioeconomic status while strengthening their religion. Go up the latter with capitalism, you can achieve your religious, social, and economic goals. I wouldn’t necessarily expect socioeconomic status to be
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In the Spirit of Capitalism, one must generate profit. In Western Society, working hard is an acceptable ascetic technique. and because labor came to be an end, ordained as such by God. This does not change, even for those people who are wealthy, because everyone has a calling in which they should labor, and taking the opportunities for profit that God provides is part of that calling. To wish to be poor is similar to wishing to be sick, and both are morally unacceptable. Not greed but encourages good work “A calling” – working at it

4. What does Weber mean when he argues that cultural values circumscribe social action?

Cultural values circumscribe social action by focusing attention on just your values which limits your actions. Belongings are only objectionable because of this risk of relaxation; only activity promotes God's glory. Thus, wasting time is the worst of sins, because it means that time is lost in promoting God's will in a calling. ejected any spending of money on entertainment that didn't "serve God's glory." Distractions = failure. Any luxury is something it as earned only when making it big into profit.

5. In a historical context, why did Capitalism emerge in the

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