High School vs College Essay

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What is the next step after graduating high school? It is that time of year where students are graduating from high school and planning to further their education. If you were like me last year, you are more than likely wondering what is expected at college. When I first started college I was so nervous because I didn’t know what to expect or what was expected of me. Now, I feel college life is so much more enjoyable then high school. I have so much more control over my education and more freedom. This paper will address the main differences from high school to college such as college scene, academic level, and rewarding experience. A college scene has a different scene then high school. Social activities are one of the biggest …show more content…
From my experience, making your decision on your own can be difficult. There are a lot of decisions to be made while attending college. If you are living on campus you are living without your parents or teachers supervision therefore, you are on your own. At college you will be introduced to negative activities that can affect your studying habits such as drugs, alcohol and sex. Without supervision you have to learn to control the peer pressure from others. It is important to stay clear from these negative behaviors because a college education should be taken seriously. A daily will help keep you on track of what needs to get accomplished and stay on track. When I had started college I noticed it was so much more difficult to keep track of everything because you don’t have someone to keep track of everything for you. A college education is will help you succeed in life and live a better lifestyle. In high school you don’t have the choices to choose your own class, manage your school time, and the variety of co-curricular activities available. Although, there are some mandatory classes at college but, after you pass those classes you have free choice of classes. In general, college life has so much more freedom where in high school it is limited. Therefore, decision-making plays a key factor at

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