High School Vs. The School System Essay

1265 Words Apr 8th, 2016 null Page
Our society today has begun to become more and more material. Our school no longer worries itself with hands on learning, partially due to the price and even more due to the state standards. The school system today is much more concerned with quantity over quality. The US has no begun to incorporate community service hours into their graduation requirements. Personally I believe that this is a wonderful idea, a real hands-on learning experience that incorporates a real time feel of work into a students daily schedule. Today we see college and debt as something that is needed, so naturally we apply for college and throw our money at it hoping that this might get us somewhere in our lives. What we lack in our school system today is a work ethic. High school is one of the easiest tasks to pass, the quality of an education here is far easier than most people would realize. There 's a lot of work, but the quality of such work is far below our own skills. Does it teach us a work ethic? Possibly, but does it really teach us anything, no I wouldn 't say it does. Apart from the idea 'just get your work in on time ' it hasn 't taught me much. Gaining a fair work ethic doesn 't mean the typical high school career, it means getting a job in between, working and balancing school and sports and an entry level job- this improves your work ethic. I believe that involving community service in ones work ethic is very professional and it 's something that is essential to growing in a young…

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